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Monday Morning Mug: Boston

Kimmy LaMee

Boston holds a special place in our hearts as that is where Ivey went on her "first mission trip.". She didn't really know it, but she did... We went as a family along with our team from the office to partner with Encounter Church right outside of Boston. We helped with their town festival, picked up trash, and prayerwalked several neighborhoods on this long weekend. Ivey and I spent some time at a playground playing while the rest of the team picked up trash and cleaned a field, but even that was a mission - as we were able to engage in conversations with a sweet grandmother who was there with her grandchildren and who needed encouragement. We had the best time in that beautiful city - exploring Boston as well as serving the Lord together.

This morning as I enjoyed my coffee, I spent time praying for Encounter Church - a great church plant that we partner with. I prayed for their leadership and for more in Dedham to encounter Christ. 

I also spent time praying for the team that will be heading up to Boston in September to partner with them again. I prayed that more from our fellowship would step out and be a part of this great way to serve. I prayed for Kelly and the team that has already committed to go. If you would like to head to Boston and serve, just email me! (