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Monday Morning Mug: Tampa

Kimmy LaMee


I went to Tampa while living in New Orleans and working with the youth at First Baptist LaPlace. Ron Wilson - one of my favorite all time youth pastors - planned a destination unknown trip for the students and I went along to chaperone! I don't remember much about Tampa. I do remember that I had to wear a boot on my foot for a ridiculously long time after I broke it, so that got us on rides much faster at one of the theme parks that we visited. I also remember some of my favorite youth who are now all grown up, married and have babies of their own... how is that even possible?!? I spent time remembering those sweet days, the joys and the challenges. I'm so thankful for sweet memories this morning and I spent time praying for some of those students today- many of whom I get to follow on facebook. (One of my favorite things about social media - the distance and years don't seem so far) I pray that they continue to love Jesus and make Him known wherever they are! I'm thankful for trips like Tampa and the Sundays and Wednesdays and other times I could love those kiddos - now adults! (Cue more tears...) 

I also spent time praising the Lord for Ron and Keri Wilson and their fun kiddos who loved me through seminary in New Orleans and walked with me through some pretty hard days and even though they live halfway across the country - they are some of my most favorite people! They are currently serving with Next Worldwide - and you should totally check out what they are doing!