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Monday Morning Mug: Bahamas

Kimmy LaMee



This morning was crazy... the girls slept in a little bit which always then makes for a crazy morning.  At times I just rather choose crazy and well rested, than crazy and sleepy and grouchy... We had quite a few fits from the oldest over her hair being combed, her shoes, and not wanting a bow.... and I don't even remember what else. By the time we left for work and school, I was exhausted and felt like I had put in a full day... haha 

oh little did I know... I got to the church, my youngest had Spit up on her outfit and pooped and my oldest was screaming she was "hungry".... all the way to her class (cue eye roll...) 

And then I had to prepare to share with the sweet WMU ladies about On Mission Moms...  

I didn't get to really sit and enjoy my yummy coffee this morning - how ironic... but while Nora was jabbering in the back and Ivey was singing at the top of her lungs to Frozen, I reminisced and prayed for sweet friends who have journeyed to the Bahamas with me! I've been so blessed to visit several times with dear friends - from my senior year in high school, to my summer MFUGE staff, to a dear friend from New Orleans. 

Now, for real... can I just go back and enjoy another cruise....