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Monday Morning Mug: New York

Kimmy LaMee


I have to be honest here, I have a love / hate relationship with New York. Dan and I made our first trip together here to celebrate our first year anniversary.  In my mind and dreams I had romanticized this sweet city. I pictured Dan and I ice skating hand in hand, all alone, and strolling through Times Square and Central Park, just the two of us.... 


This city was packed, especially in December... and it was cold, like really really cold. So while we had a great time together exploring new things and falling in love more and more... I just struggled with "New York". It's definetly not like the movies! 

This morning I prayed for this bustling city - that people would pause in the midst of their busy day to hear and see Him at work. I prayed for more church planters and more churches to grow and reach out. I prayed that Christ would be proclaimed from every high rise and corner of that great city until all have heard! 

Will you stop and pray for the work that God is doing in New York?