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Ummmm 8 months old

Kimmy LaMee


So mommy and daddy finally remembered to take my picture... but they had to catch me first! I'm army crawling all over the place and I'm fast. I especially like cords .... they are just perfect for my little hands!! Mommy keeps saying she's gonna put me in the playpen or doggy crate... YIKES!! 

I sure do love my sister. She makes me giggle and I love to follow her around - maybe that's why I'm getting faster and faster.  

I also really love being able to feed myself peas and strawberries and green beans and chicken, but mommy makes sure to make it really small! So small I can't even find it on my highchair tray sometimes!?!  

I don't like it when mommy puts me down or walks away - one day she will learn that and just hold me all the time, maybe?!?  

I'm growing big and fast and pretty soon I'm gonna figure out the walking thing that my sister does!