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Monday Morning Mug: Spartanburg

Kimmy LaMee


It's been a skinny minute since I've posted a Monday Morning coffee mug pic on here, but trust me, I've drank lots of coffee and prayed lots. The blog has just had to take a little bit of a back burner with summer and sickness... and Nora got sent home again today with a fever... can I get a bigger cup?!?   

This morning's mug is honestly one of my favorite mugs. It stays at my office so that I can enjoy it each day at my mid-morning coffee time and after a really long week last week filled with grumpy, grouchy babies, fevers and colds, I enjoyed my cup this morning, right before I got that dreaded phone call from the preschool.... off to the doctor we go, again...I digress....

As I enjoyed the coffee, I prayed for our city - Spartanburg! There is so much going on around our city and it's so exciting!! I'm praying that our church family will truly understand what it means to love our city and share Jesus. I'm praying for the growth and expansion that we see all around us. I'm praying for those in authority over us, the game-changers who are pushing for this growth and making a difference, for our neighbors and neighborhoods. I'm praying that we will find our place in the Hub City and that we would #lovewhereyoulive ! Will you join me in praying for our city?