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9, 10, and 11... gesh...

Kimmy LaMee


This summer was so much fun that mommy and daddy were too busy to post about all that I have been up to lately . Lots has happened in the past three months. I'm crawling and standing all on my on. I don't really want to walk yet though - once I do that, mommy says I'll be a big girl, and I don't want to be a big girl, yet! She might have even sat down me down a few times when I've tried to stand up. Gosh mom, I can't stay little forever! 

I'm eating all kinds of yummy real food. I love any kind of fruit, especially peaches that pop pop brings to me. I don't like icecream and I try to tell everyone that but they just laugh and give me more?! I'm saying mama and dada and lots of other words, really loudly, but no one seems to understand me. I'm using my sign language for milk and "all done".

I've taken my big sister swimming lots.  I love to swim, especially in my own little red and blue covered floating throne. All of my cousins have come to visit and of course we had a blast. I went with the big cousins to see these really pretty flying things that landed on me and mommy. Mommy called those things "butterflies". I sure wish that they all lived closer, especially baby Eliza - she seems to get me the most. We both just sit around and everyone plays with us and holds us. And I've had lots of fun family time with my mommy, daddy, and fun big sister. But summer is almost over whatever that means... and I'm turning ONE soon!