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Monday Morning Mug: Florida

Kimmy LaMee


Listening to the wind gusts and the rain come down outside today and watching social media updates, I've had Florida on my heart - a lot.  

I never quite know how to pray when it comes to hurricanes.... I laugh when I hear people say "let's just pray it moves another direction...." because usually that just means the devastation is on top of someone else... so today I'm simply praying that while God may not spare the wrath of Hurricane Irma, I pray that he would find us faithful!   

Faithful to love and serve our neighbors, faithful to give of our financial resources, faithful to be there - in whatever way He asks us too....  

I'm also praying for sweet friends who have walked this journey before... may they see God's faithfulness to them as the wind and rain begin to taper off and the hard work ahead begins. 

If God lays on your heart to give to those struggling through Hurricane Harvey and Irma, a great organization to give to is the SBC Disaster Relief. You can give online to them through our church, First Baptist Spartanburg .  (  You can also GO and serve too! Let me know if you can give of some time to help those in Florida and Texas. We have a team leaving Wednesday!