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Monday Morning Mug: Myanmar

Kimmy LaMee


Yesterday when I arrived back at my office for a brief minute, there was this sweet surprise from dear friends sitting on my desk! So I had to have my Monday Morning coffee in this Mug and praise the Lord for this great gift and some of my favorite people who live there. This mug represents a land that honestly I'm not all that familiar with, but one thing I do know - many of those living there are far from Jesus and my dear friends are spending their lives, raising their children, making it home, so that the people living in darkness there can hear of the way, the truth, and the light. I asked the Lord to use them in big ways this week! They have been working hard learning language so I asked Him to give them great conversations. I asked for new deep friendships. I asked that their table would be filled with sweet guests and friends who were anxious to hear the truth. I prayed for this land that it would one day be filled with people who follow and love Jesus. And I simply praised the Lord for their friendship, across the miles and the years...