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A big fail... sorda

Kimmy LaMee


A friend was telling me the other day how all my activities looked so “perfect” which is so very far from the truth! I just had to laugh and share our latest activity and near fail. 

It was supposed to be a turkey. You know, the kind where you put little holes in a toilet paper roll so you can stuff feathers in them. What could go wrong?! 

But the holes weren’t big enough, the feathers didn’t fit, it was “ugly” and before too long Ivey was frustrated which led to quite the fit! And then I was frustrated because I was working on dinner and had to stop and help like a billion times. And then we were both just done!

And that’s okay!

We put it away. We talked through the frustrations. We laughed at all the mess and Nora was just as happy putting crayons in her turkey, aka toilet paper roll.


So it wasn’t Pinterest worthy but who cares!?! It was lesson worthy. It revealed our sinful little and big hearts. It brought out frustrations, then repentance, then restoration. It stretched our fingers, our brains, our responses toward one another... it led to tears then laughter. It led to hugs and “it’s okay...”

So yeah, it’s ugly but it’s No fail!

And the time you invest in doing activities and crafts with your little ones isn’t either even if it’s an ugly toilet paper roll feathered turkey mess! It doesn’t have to be “Pinterest worthy” to shape their little hands and our hearts. 


See, I Told ya it was “ugly”...