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You had no idea...

Kimmy LaMee


You had no idea what my morning was like... or really my week. A bit overwhelmed by all that I wasn’t able to do because of the weather and the girls being out of school, had already put me in a funk and I woke up in a pretty selfish wife and mama mood. I spilled my coffee. The dog tracked mud on the carpet that I had to get cleaned up. I had to give a breathing treatment to the youngest who has been sounding a lot like the dinosaur mask that she will only keep on her face for about 3 minutes for said treatment.

And then the youngest broke a beloved “mamaw” ornament which made me mad and sad and I cried.

Those cute girls that you kept gushing over - those were the same girls that on the way to the store were huffing and puffing because I forgot the snacks and they wanted to watch more Paw Patrol and they didn’t want to go to all the stores because they just wanted to go home - mind you, where we have been for days already!

You heard me tell them that they couldn’t have that nutcracker doll that looked just like the Sugar Plum Fairy and to stop touching every single item that they walked by and you smiled.

You heard them singing “it came upon a midnight clear” at the top of their lungs, even though I had asked them to sing quieter a gazillion times and you sang a long with them for just a second and we all smiled.

You ended up behind me in the line and it took me quite a few minutes to convince the youngest to let go of the ritz cheese cracker bag I was bribing them with because we had to pay for it first and you were patient and you smiled and chuckled too. My youngest stopped crying and pitching a fit and told you “hey - I like crackers” and we all smiled and giggled.

You took a dollar out of your wallet and gave it to each of my girls and told them what great girls they had been throughout the store. And they smiled back at you and thanked you and you smiled.

You gave this tired mama more than a smile and a dollar bill though. In the few minutes you spoke to them (and to me) you were kind, you were gracious, you were patient, you were so very loving. You showed them how to give of yourself, of your money and of your love and your smiles. You were a smile giver today.

So - Thank you for seeing me and my girls today. Thank you for not huffing when they were “spreading Christmas cheer” a bit too loud. Thank you for reminding me that “your girls are such a gift from the Lord!” Because while I know that, it’s hard to remember that when your vacuuming glass ornament pieces off the carpet and shushing them in the store for the 100th time.  Thank you for pausing in your busy morning to smile, to speak, to give them a dollar, and to simply encourage this mama.

And by the way, they heard you too and my youngest said as we left the store, proudly displaying her dollar, “I a gift mommy, i a gift...”