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Monday Morning Mug: Middle East

Kimmy LaMee

One evening last week, the door bell rang right around dinner time. Of course the dog went nuts and the girls were convinced someone was coming to play with them and Dan asked “what did you buy this time?” Haha  

I opened the door to find a fun package from a dear friend’s mom - a Mug she sent to me from where she currently lives and works... Now there is not really a Starbucks there - which makes this Mug all the more funny, unique and super special.

So this morning - and most mornings since I opened this sweet little treasure, I have been sipping my coffee from this mug and lifting this dear sister up to the Father. She is doing great work in this land and He is using her in mighty ways! I wish I could share more, but I can’t, so I won’t. I would just ask you to pray for the work that the Father is doing in this beautiful land among her beautiful people who need to hear the truth that Jesus loves them.