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Celebrating FOUR!

Kimmy LaMee


How can it be that our “little bit“ is now FOUR? She is one little gal that loves Dancing, singing, and dressing up. And if it’s pink or blue, that’s even better! In fact, I think every picture we have of her over this last year includes her wearing some piece of a costume. (Hence the blue crown that she has worn almost every day at some point in her birthday pics.) 

Ivey is quite the strong willed little gal  although I’m not real sure where that came from... haha

She loves her little sister fiercely and our prayer is that will always be the case. She loves to teach Nora new things and always wants her to play with her. 

She loves to create and make things and play pretend. Lately we’ve been playing lots of “Castle” and she is Princess Ivey and I’m Queen Mommy. 

She is a joy and we are so thankful for her and the little gal that Jesus is shaping her to be! Now If we can just channel that strong will and determination in the right ways - we all better watch out, this girl will change the world while wearing her tutu and crown, of course!