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In His Time...

Kimmy LaMee


As a little child, I remember singing the song,  

In His Time, 

In His Time,  

  He makes all things beautiful in His Time

Lord, please show me every day  

As you’re teaching me your ways 

That you do just what you say

In your time. 

I love the beginning of a new season, especially Spring. It’s in this “newness”, when the blossoms are bursting forth that I can’t forget how beautifully faithful and on time my God is...

what seemed dead or dormant,

what seemed quiet and still,

what seemed hopeless and dark,

is opening to NEW life again - at just the right time...

As we have begun a “new season” in our life and home, we are seeing how God is taking all things and making them beautiful, reminding us that He will do exactly as He says -  even in the midst of the hard and the yucky like toddler tantrums, balancing budgets, broken crowns...

All of it Beautiful, in His Time... 

maybe not beautiful or fun or easy in the moment, my moment, but in His Time... 


 “He has made everything beautiful in His Time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11