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Things We’re Loving This Week!


Things We’re Loving This Week!

Kimmy LaMee


We’ve been adding flowers to the yard and having this “princess” helping me was super fun this week. She loves to get her hands dirty while wearing her crown and black Sunday shoes! But hey, at least she wasn’t wearing her tutu...  and now we wait to see if they grow!! 


We built a “boat” out of a cardboard box a while back and it continues to bring lots and lots of fun, even for our sweet neighbors!

Our sweet friend, Ms. Norma Lynn, made us a Gingerbread House two Christmases ago but it’s put away for now, of course. It will probably make its last appearance next Christmas.

What fun have you created out of cardboard boxes?  I found all kinds of fun things on Pinterest! 


We had a blast and made quite the mess making our bird feeders!   Its super simple! 

Just take an empty toilet paper roll, tie a string so it will hang, roll it in peanut butter, then roll it in bird seed and hang it!  

Now I must confess I’ve not seen one bird there yet... but we won’t tell the girls that! Haha  


We had the sweet opportunity to host three Korean girls over this past weekend. They were here to sing at our church on Sunday so we got to show them around and spend Saturday with them. Ivey and Nora of course fell in love with their new friends and didn’t seem to mind or even really notice the language barrier and cultural differences. 

You can see their performance and worship along with them on the FBS Facebook page. 



A friend sent this to me this week and it was so timely and a great encouragement for this mama’s heart! I pray you are reminded today that you are exactly who your kiddos need! 



And we have our first On Mission Moms Service Project together tomorrow morning! On Mission Moms is something that God laid on my heart right over a year ago and to see how it’s coming together is simply amazing! I’m excited to see how God blesses us as we serve alongside of our little ones! Be sure to follow along @onmissionmoms or on the blog, On Mission Moms  or if you’re a mom of little ones, join us!!