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Quieting My Heart

Kimmy LaMee


Yesterday was just one of those days - not bad... just busy and filled with highs and lows. Dan and I spent the morning with dear friends as they buried her mother. The girls seemed a bit tired and a little off their norm most of the day. Ivey had dance which means an early nap and sometimes waking her up early which leads to grouchiness. Thankfully,  she woke up happy and ready to go!

It was just busy!

As the evening was drawing to a close, I just couldn’t shake my need to step away from all the busy and loud to steal some quiet moments just me and my piano and the Lord.  

As I played Be Thou My Vision, Because He Lives and Near the Cross softly, so not to disturb Nora who was just heading to bed, my heart was quieted and stilled and reminded of the Great Faithful God that I love and serve. It was as if it really was just me and Jesus in my front room for just a few minutes - but then the sweetest and funniest thing happened! As I was playing, thinking no one else was even aware of what I was doing, and honestly enjoying some moments to myself, I heard Ivey singing along sweetly from the bathtub upstairs and Nora clapping and yelling “yeah....” from her bed, and the loudness returned and my heart just simply paused and smiled. 

It was just a moment of Jesus reminding me that He is ever present - sitting at the piano softly playing or in the midst of my loud and crazy girls yelling and singing and rejoicing.   

How does He quiet your heart and draw you into His presence?  

I pray you take a few minutes to be still and quiet your heart, even in the midst of crazy and loud and messy and busy.