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Going “Old School”

Kimmy LaMee

So it kind of just happened by accident. I was helping my mom one day at their house a couple weeks ago and we found a big book of felt board stories. It took me back to my childhood days of VBS and Sunday school at Holston Creek, sitting around the floor looking at the big green felt board and listening and watching the story unfold before my eyes. And it made me smile... a lot! 

If you know Frances (that’s my mom), you know she has just about every craft supply you could ever need - toilet paper roll, shoe strings, feathers, googly Eyes and more. Of course she would have felt! We also found an old frame that I had bought thinking I would use at our wedding, but didn’t. It was perfect to make our own felt story board! I came home that afternoon and began searching around Pinterest for felt board story ideas and activities that I could use with the girls and there was a ton of ideas! Who knew that felt boards were still a thing!?! 

This morning we had a super fun time playing with the felt board. I shared the story of how Jesus calms the storm - because it’s been raining for like three days now (okay, just two....) and then we talked about the rain and how God sends the rain to make the flowers grow and then the girls had lots of fun creating their very own flowers! (storm to rain to flowers.... work with me here) 

It was at least thirty minutes of glorious fun and creativity this morning and they even started playing with it again this evening!   The whole time they were playing and creating, i just kept smiling and rejoicing that felt boards were still alive and that it was quiet in our house, for just a little bit! (Ha) 


Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets excited about a felt board!? Did you know it was still alive? I thought it had been replaced by the chalk board, then the white board, and now the iPad... but it’s still alive and well in our home!! and here’s to some great creative time tomorrow too... hopefully!?!