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Things We’re Loving this week!


Things We’re Loving this week!

Kimmy LaMee

It’s been a “fun” week around here filled with laughter at times and lots of discipline. My “precious” youngest has definetly learned the word “NO” and has used it multiple times just in the last hour...  Which leads me to share our favorite and probably most used book around here, after the Bible, of course!  

Shepherding a Child’s Heart  by Tedd Tripp

I’m re-reading it for like the third time in as many years and I’m continually reminded of the big kingdom picture when it comes to raising our gals. It is so hard some days in the minutes and hours to keep the bigger goals and kingdom picture in the front of my mind when it comes to parenting and discipline. If you are a mama, or a daddy, you need to read it! My prayer for our sweet girls is that we will lead them to love Jesus above all else and that their hearts will be drawn by Him and to Him. 

I also just got this book in the mail!!   


 Raising World Changers in a Changing World by Kristen Welch.

I'm only on chapter four and OUCH! This might be my new favorite book. This mama speaks straight to my heart! A question she raises has been turning in my heart since I read it, “in light of the superabundance you enjoy, what do you think is your minimal responsibility to the untold millions of lost and suffering in the world?”  How do I (we) begin to even answer that? I’m looking forward to reading more this coming week.


Sadly, there won’t be much reading this weekend, as we continue working on the screen porch. I have to admit that I’m so DONE! We are so close! The new screen is up and now we have to do the final touches like hang the new doors and put up new lath and touch up paint. Then it’s time to clean off all the yellow (polen) and reclaim my reading spot! My hubby is amazing and I’m so thankful that he not only loves to do this kind of stuff but is pretty great at it too!

And while there has been lots of discipline, there have been sweet memories made too around a simple little thing like strawberries! This week we’ve been learning about strawberries so of course we’ve read a few books, made some fun strawberry crafts, made playdough strawberries and strawberry smoothies. We even got to visit one of our favorite strawberry farms, McDowells,  to help PopPop pick up a load to sell. And we got to pick some strawberries from Green Acres Farm with our friends! What a fun adventure!! 


I’m also excited about the opportunity that On Mission Moms has been given this week. We were asked to plan and prepare the family prayer room at The Bridge, a community ministry center in the Northside that is led by FBS. It’s holds such a special place in my heart. Dan and I (with the help of a friend to finish up the painting) set up one of the other rooms as a private prayer room and I’ve been able to get up there a few times to simply pray and it’s just a special place. There are several other private prayer rooms and the Prayer Center is always open and available for anyone to just come and pray! I’m excited about leading the effort to get a room that is suitable for families to come and pray together. A room where our little ones can learn to pray, and play and pray. So send me your ideas!!! And if you’re an On Mission Mama you can join us for a sweet prayer time and planning time on May 23rd. 


How has God been showing off in your life this week? Maybe the hard and ugly or maybe the sweet and simple!