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Not Turning Around

Kimmy LaMee


I love storms but I love them best when I’m snuggled safe in my bed or comfy on the couch, not in my car and definetly not having to drive straight into them.

As I was heading up to my parents late this afternoon to pick up the girls, this was my view. It was quiet and weird. Sun then dark black, wind, and lightening - all unfolding right ahead of me. Right in the direction that I was heading.

It was quiet in my car which is a rarity that I treasure every chance I can, so I began to just chat with God out loud. It was such a special sweet time, just the two of us. 

As we drove and chatted, He reminded me of several things:

1. He’s God of the sun and the storm - the same God who sent me a beautiful sunny day, is the same God who brings the clouds and the storms.  

2. He’s ever present in the storms - I never once felt scared or worried, even with those clouds straight ahead. His presence and peace were right there with me and I had no need to fear. 

3. Sometimes we just need to face the storms head on! A lot of times, I want to avoid the storms, skirt around them, or better yet just stay at home on the couch,  BUT that is not always the better way. Today I had one way to go - north, and the storms were north, straight ahead,  but so were my gals! 

4. He doesnt “turn around”. As I drove straight toward the storm today, I had a great reason - my sweet girls. And there wasn’t much of anything that would have made me turn around. How much more does our Heavenly Father pursue us? He won’t turn around on us! Oh what joy and assurance that brings to my heart! 

5. As I glanced in my rear view mirror on the drive back home, the storm was there,  but I was going a different way. It was behind me now. Storms come and go - they will happen, and He will be right there. This too shall pass. 

I would love to say that the ride back with the girls the other way, away from the storm, was just as sweet, and it was, in different ways. It was just filled with 1000 questions, giggles and whines, and of course loud singing!

And those moments teach me too...