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Choosing Courage

Kimmy LaMee

Yesterday was hard, Like heart wrenching hard,  as I watched my sweet gal struggle to overcome her fear of the water.  I’ve gone back and forth in my mind since last summer about whether or not to even put her in swim lessons again this summer. We had a terrible experience last year but I’ll save that story for another day maybe. I knew I had to sign her up again though. I want Ivey to learn the basics of water safety and how to save herself if she should ever need to. Dan also can’t swim so he’s been pretty adamant that our girls learn!

So Monday she began and it was terrible!! Friends had all warned me it would probably be awful, but nothing prepares you for watching it all go down. The fear in her little heart was so evident - even her toes were curled under and her fists clinched. After the forty five minutes of pure “bliss” ended and we were heading home, she and I had the sweetest conversation about fear and courage and how God can give us courage if we just ask. So she asked God to give her courage.

Tuesday came and on the way, I made up a song about being brave and we prayed and asked God for courage again. It was still tough. While she didn’t scream, she sat on the side of the pool sobbing quietly still overcome with fear, yet obeying her teacher, reluctantly. I praised her on the way home for being a bit more brave, not running away, not screaming, and obeying. She said “mommy, I was a little bit brave today but I’ll be even more brave tomorrow!” 

And today - we prayed again, asking God to help her be brave again and to help her not give in to the fear that was holding her back. 

And HE did!  

As I sat pool-side, watching her begin to relax and actually have fun, I was reminded of a couple things. 

First, As a mama, it was tough watching her struggle. I wanted to rush in and rescue her. I wanted to share all the reasons why she couldn’t and maybe shouldn’t do it quite yet. It’s my “job” to protect her, right?!

But I didn’t rush in...

and today - she saw God working and answering her prayers and she felt the joy of overcoming her fears firsthand! If she would have stopped Monday, she wouldn’t have had today!  Sometimes we need to do tough stuff and we need to allow our kiddos to do tough stuff. And we need to allow those tough things to teach them and point them to a God who loves them and is for them, and of course cheer them on and encourage them along the way. 

Secondly, sadly I didn’t think today would happen... I was not looking forward to it, honestly. I was waiting for another day of screaming and tears and defeat.


As we were driving home, I asked her where she got her courage from and she said “mommy, God gave it to me!” (Like duh...)

That’s right Sweet girl....

May I be a mama who believes what she asks for in prayer just like my sweet four year old did today. She asked for courage and she expected God to give it to her, and He did! And she knew it! 

Yes, swim lessons may be a pretty small thing to you,  but to us, it’s not! So today We are celebrating overcoming fear, trusting a God who loves us and is for us, and believing that He hears us and answers us! I pray Ivey remembers this moment, even as a four year old, of choosing to trust God and choosing  courage over fear! 

Especially tomorrow when we go back!  

sobbing silently on the side, overcome by fear...

sobbing silently on the side, overcome by fear...

my brave girl, pushing past fear! 

my brave girl, pushing past fear! 

 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love, and sound judgment.” 2 Timothy 1:7