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Imperfect Courage: A Book Review

Kimmy LaMee


Often times, when God puts a “new” thing in front of us or asks us to serve him in a different way, we tend to hesitate, put the brakes on or simply RUN! It was like that for me in a lot of ways recently. I sensed in my heart more than ever that I needed to step away from some things to set my heart and mind on some different things. All were really good things and I loved them each in their own way.  Fear and insecurity began to mount, until finally one day, I just went for it. I stepped away from the old thing and I embraced the new and I survived! Or I should say I’m still surviving. And so is the old thing too! (It didn’t really need ME... another blog for another day)

Jessica Honegger, the founder of Noonday Collection, shares about this in her new book Imperfect Courage, which releases in late August. She takes the reader through three significant steps: the first step of owning who you are and the strengths that God has given you, the second step of building a “sisterhood” around you because we are better together, and the third step of seeing a world changed by using that power and influence that God has given us.

As she journeys through founding Noonday, now one of the largest fair trade fashion brands, she shares the beautiful stories of women around the world who choose courage over fear.  Jessica also recounts stories of frustrations and fears that could have ended her ministry. And had she given up at the first hardship, lives of ladies around the world would look drastically different today.

As I’m embracing courage, I’m realizing that it doesn’t always have to look perfect. I don’t always have to know the end result. I just have to keep trusting in a God who is for me and for my good and I’ve gotta keep walking in obedience, and even sometimes a little fear. Because thankfully courage doesn’t always have to be or look perfect!


I’m super thankful for the Advanced Reader Copy that was sent to me by the publisher!

You should totally check out this new book when it’s released on August 21st or better yet, go ahead and pre-order it over on Amazon!