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What’s that smell?!

Kimmy LaMee


If you know me well you know my “smeller” works on some kind of hyper-speed level. Like I can smell the trash in our trash can the day before it even has trash placed in it... haha

Smells are just my thing. Good ones and bad ones. Some of my dearest friends even look to me to let them know when something is a bit “funky”, if you know what I mean.

There is nothing like smells that bring things back into my memory too. Some good and some not so good. For me, the smell of a certain trash bag that I used to gather what was left of my belongings in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina will bring me to tears in a skinny minute. Or the smell of honeysuckle will not only send me into an allergic mess,  but it also reminds me of my grandmother and brings back sweet childhood memories. I don’t know why?! Fresh cut grass, rotten peaches, outside... it all reminds me of my favorite years growing up on my daddy’s peach farm and if you’ve ever smelt the stench of rotten peaches in a big barrel, you won’t forget it!

As I’ve been studying through Corinthians this summer, I came across a passage that has just stuck with me! It was talking about smells and it made me stop and pause...

“To some we are an aroma of death leading to death, but to others, an aroma of life leading to life.” 2 Corinthians 2:16

In other words, what do I smell like? We all smell of something! Do I smell like that honeysuckle that is sweet or that barrel of rotten peaches that makes everyone want to run for the hills? Life or death?

Oh, that we would each choose to be that sweet aroma that brings life and that points to Christ!

As we introduced Ivey and Nora to honeysuckle the other day, it brought a smile to my face and heart and the aroma was sweet and good and refreshing... and I could have gathered it all and brought it home so that I could smell it all day, but sadly my allergies would have NONE of that!