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She turned TWO...

Kimmy LaMee


This gal turned two this week and I’m still asking myself “How do we have a two year old already?!” Slow Down Time!! 

She’s our spunky one, for sure! She’s filled with energy and keeps this mommy (and Daddy) on her toes - and breaking her own toes in the process...  Her giggles light up a room and she’s pretty vocal about all the things she loves and doesn’t love! She loves Pizza, especially from Pizza Inn and waffles and if she can get her hands on both those meals in a day, she’s one happy gal!  She loves her sister wildly and does exactly what “Idey” does... which might be a good or bad idea on any given day?! 

You are loved BIG sweet girl! God has big plans for you Eleanor - may He take hold of your heart and use your “spunkiness” to change the world!