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What’s that smell?!

Kimmy LaMee


If you know me well you know my “smeller” works on some kind of hyper-speed level. Like I can smell the trash in our trash can the day before it even has trash placed in it... haha

Smells are just my thing. Good ones and bad ones. Some of my dearest friends even look to me to let them know when something is a bit “funky”, if you know what I mean.

There is nothing like smells that bring things back into my memory too. Some good and some not so good. For me, the smell of a certain trash bag that I used to gather what was left of my belongings in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina will bring me to tears in a skinny minute. Or the smell of honeysuckle will not only send me into an allergic mess,  but it also reminds me of my grandmother and brings back sweet childhood memories. I don’t know why?! Fresh cut grass, rotten peaches, outside... it all reminds me of my favorite years growing up on my daddy’s peach farm and if you’ve ever smelt the stench of rotten peaches in a big barrel, you won’t forget it!

As I’ve been studying through Corinthians this summer, I came across a passage that has just stuck with me! It was talking about smells and it made me stop and pause...

“To some we are an aroma of death leading to death, but to others, an aroma of life leading to life.” 2 Corinthians 2:16

In other words, what do I smell like? We all smell of something! Do I smell like that honeysuckle that is sweet or that barrel of rotten peaches that makes everyone want to run for the hills? Life or death?

Oh, that we would each choose to be that sweet aroma that brings life and that points to Christ!

As we introduced Ivey and Nora to honeysuckle the other day, it brought a smile to my face and heart and the aroma was sweet and good and refreshing... and I could have gathered it all and brought it home so that I could smell it all day, but sadly my allergies would have NONE of that!


Not Turning Around

Kimmy LaMee


I love storms but I love them best when I’m snuggled safe in my bed or comfy on the couch, not in my car and definetly not having to drive straight into them.

As I was heading up to my parents late this afternoon to pick up the girls, this was my view. It was quiet and weird. Sun then dark black, wind, and lightening - all unfolding right ahead of me. Right in the direction that I was heading.

It was quiet in my car which is a rarity that I treasure every chance I can, so I began to just chat with God out loud. It was such a special sweet time, just the two of us. 

As we drove and chatted, He reminded me of several things:

1. He’s God of the sun and the storm - the same God who sent me a beautiful sunny day, is the same God who brings the clouds and the storms.  

2. He’s ever present in the storms - I never once felt scared or worried, even with those clouds straight ahead. His presence and peace were right there with me and I had no need to fear. 

3. Sometimes we just need to face the storms head on! A lot of times, I want to avoid the storms, skirt around them, or better yet just stay at home on the couch,  BUT that is not always the better way. Today I had one way to go - north, and the storms were north, straight ahead,  but so were my gals! 

4. He doesnt “turn around”. As I drove straight toward the storm today, I had a great reason - my sweet girls. And there wasn’t much of anything that would have made me turn around. How much more does our Heavenly Father pursue us? He won’t turn around on us! Oh what joy and assurance that brings to my heart! 

5. As I glanced in my rear view mirror on the drive back home, the storm was there,  but I was going a different way. It was behind me now. Storms come and go - they will happen, and He will be right there. This too shall pass. 

I would love to say that the ride back with the girls the other way, away from the storm, was just as sweet, and it was, in different ways. It was just filled with 1000 questions, giggles and whines, and of course loud singing!

And those moments teach me too...


Choosing Courage

Kimmy LaMee

Yesterday was hard, Like heart wrenching hard,  as I watched my sweet gal struggle to overcome her fear of the water.  I’ve gone back and forth in my mind since last summer about whether or not to even put her in swim lessons again this summer. We had a terrible experience last year but I’ll save that story for another day maybe. I knew I had to sign her up again though. I want Ivey to learn the basics of water safety and how to save herself if she should ever need to. Dan also can’t swim so he’s been pretty adamant that our girls learn!

So Monday she began and it was terrible!! Friends had all warned me it would probably be awful, but nothing prepares you for watching it all go down. The fear in her little heart was so evident - even her toes were curled under and her fists clinched. After the forty five minutes of pure “bliss” ended and we were heading home, she and I had the sweetest conversation about fear and courage and how God can give us courage if we just ask. So she asked God to give her courage.

Tuesday came and on the way, I made up a song about being brave and we prayed and asked God for courage again. It was still tough. While she didn’t scream, she sat on the side of the pool sobbing quietly still overcome with fear, yet obeying her teacher, reluctantly. I praised her on the way home for being a bit more brave, not running away, not screaming, and obeying. She said “mommy, I was a little bit brave today but I’ll be even more brave tomorrow!” 

And today - we prayed again, asking God to help her be brave again and to help her not give in to the fear that was holding her back. 

And HE did!  

As I sat pool-side, watching her begin to relax and actually have fun, I was reminded of a couple things. 

First, As a mama, it was tough watching her struggle. I wanted to rush in and rescue her. I wanted to share all the reasons why she couldn’t and maybe shouldn’t do it quite yet. It’s my “job” to protect her, right?!

But I didn’t rush in...

and today - she saw God working and answering her prayers and she felt the joy of overcoming her fears firsthand! If she would have stopped Monday, she wouldn’t have had today!  Sometimes we need to do tough stuff and we need to allow our kiddos to do tough stuff. And we need to allow those tough things to teach them and point them to a God who loves them and is for them, and of course cheer them on and encourage them along the way. 

Secondly, sadly I didn’t think today would happen... I was not looking forward to it, honestly. I was waiting for another day of screaming and tears and defeat.


As we were driving home, I asked her where she got her courage from and she said “mommy, God gave it to me!” (Like duh...)

That’s right Sweet girl....

May I be a mama who believes what she asks for in prayer just like my sweet four year old did today. She asked for courage and she expected God to give it to her, and He did! And she knew it! 

Yes, swim lessons may be a pretty small thing to you,  but to us, it’s not! So today We are celebrating overcoming fear, trusting a God who loves us and is for us, and believing that He hears us and answers us! I pray Ivey remembers this moment, even as a four year old, of choosing to trust God and choosing  courage over fear! 

Especially tomorrow when we go back!  

sobbing silently on the side, overcome by fear...

sobbing silently on the side, overcome by fear...

my brave girl, pushing past fear! 

my brave girl, pushing past fear! 

 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love, and sound judgment.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Things We’re Loving this week!

Kimmy LaMee

It’s been a “fun” week around here filled with laughter at times and lots of discipline. My “precious” youngest has definetly learned the word “NO” and has used it multiple times just in the last hour...  Which leads me to share our favorite and probably most used book around here, after the Bible, of course!  

Shepherding a Child’s Heart  by Tedd Tripp

I’m re-reading it for like the third time in as many years and I’m continually reminded of the big kingdom picture when it comes to raising our gals. It is so hard some days in the minutes and hours to keep the bigger goals and kingdom picture in the front of my mind when it comes to parenting and discipline. If you are a mama, or a daddy, you need to read it! My prayer for our sweet girls is that we will lead them to love Jesus above all else and that their hearts will be drawn by Him and to Him. 

I also just got this book in the mail!!   


 Raising World Changers in a Changing World by Kristen Welch.

I'm only on chapter four and OUCH! This might be my new favorite book. This mama speaks straight to my heart! A question she raises has been turning in my heart since I read it, “in light of the superabundance you enjoy, what do you think is your minimal responsibility to the untold millions of lost and suffering in the world?”  How do I (we) begin to even answer that? I’m looking forward to reading more this coming week.


Sadly, there won’t be much reading this weekend, as we continue working on the screen porch. I have to admit that I’m so DONE! We are so close! The new screen is up and now we have to do the final touches like hang the new doors and put up new lath and touch up paint. Then it’s time to clean off all the yellow (polen) and reclaim my reading spot! My hubby is amazing and I’m so thankful that he not only loves to do this kind of stuff but is pretty great at it too!

And while there has been lots of discipline, there have been sweet memories made too around a simple little thing like strawberries! This week we’ve been learning about strawberries so of course we’ve read a few books, made some fun strawberry crafts, made playdough strawberries and strawberry smoothies. We even got to visit one of our favorite strawberry farms, McDowells,  to help PopPop pick up a load to sell. And we got to pick some strawberries from Green Acres Farm with our friends! What a fun adventure!! 


I’m also excited about the opportunity that On Mission Moms has been given this week. We were asked to plan and prepare the family prayer room at The Bridge, a community ministry center in the Northside that is led by FBS. It’s holds such a special place in my heart. Dan and I (with the help of a friend to finish up the painting) set up one of the other rooms as a private prayer room and I’ve been able to get up there a few times to simply pray and it’s just a special place. There are several other private prayer rooms and the Prayer Center is always open and available for anyone to just come and pray! I’m excited about leading the effort to get a room that is suitable for families to come and pray together. A room where our little ones can learn to pray, and play and pray. So send me your ideas!!! And if you’re an On Mission Mama you can join us for a sweet prayer time and planning time on May 23rd. 


How has God been showing off in your life this week? Maybe the hard and ugly or maybe the sweet and simple!  

Going “Old School”

Kimmy LaMee

So it kind of just happened by accident. I was helping my mom one day at their house a couple weeks ago and we found a big book of felt board stories. It took me back to my childhood days of VBS and Sunday school at Holston Creek, sitting around the floor looking at the big green felt board and listening and watching the story unfold before my eyes. And it made me smile... a lot! 

If you know Frances (that’s my mom), you know she has just about every craft supply you could ever need - toilet paper roll, shoe strings, feathers, googly Eyes and more. Of course she would have felt! We also found an old frame that I had bought thinking I would use at our wedding, but didn’t. It was perfect to make our own felt story board! I came home that afternoon and began searching around Pinterest for felt board story ideas and activities that I could use with the girls and there was a ton of ideas! Who knew that felt boards were still a thing!?! 

This morning we had a super fun time playing with the felt board. I shared the story of how Jesus calms the storm - because it’s been raining for like three days now (okay, just two....) and then we talked about the rain and how God sends the rain to make the flowers grow and then the girls had lots of fun creating their very own flowers! (storm to rain to flowers.... work with me here) 

It was at least thirty minutes of glorious fun and creativity this morning and they even started playing with it again this evening!   The whole time they were playing and creating, i just kept smiling and rejoicing that felt boards were still alive and that it was quiet in our house, for just a little bit! (Ha) 


Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets excited about a felt board!? Did you know it was still alive? I thought it had been replaced by the chalk board, then the white board, and now the iPad... but it’s still alive and well in our home!! and here’s to some great creative time tomorrow too... hopefully!?!