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6 - errrr 6.5 months now

Kimmy LaMee

Oh my... I'm 6.5 months old and I LOVE life right now! Mommy and daddy started feeding me this really yummy stuff called sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, and prunes and it's so much better than that yucky white stuff. I let them know right away that i was DONE with that mess! 

I'm sitting up all big and strong and if my sister doesn't watch out, I'm gonna be bigger than her! Speaking of sister, she started tackling me the other day and threw a ball at my head which only made me LAUGH! She's got nothing on me! 

I have 5 teeth so far and they just keep coming! Those things make me angry and I let mommy and daddy know all about it too. 

I spent the night for the first time at Nana and PopPops and had a blast while mommy and daddy enjoyed a night away. They sure did miss me but I'm a big girl now so I get to do big girl things! I also spent the whole day with Grandmama and Grandpa while they went to the Biltmore for the day - I guess I'm not QUITE big enough?! 

I'll have another update soon because mommy is slack and I'll be 7 months old before too long...