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Christmas Craftiness


Christmas craftiness has been in full-swing around this house over the last month. Thank you notes to Christmas card wreaths, ornaments to super cute shirts for my neices and a few other fun little ideas along the way have been helping me get in the Christmas spirit! There's just something about being crafty around Christmas time that makes me happy. 

I love being crafty - not necessarily creative, but crafty! There's a difference!!

Here are some of the fun projects that have been going on around here and links to where you can see the real creativity! 


Christmas Card Wreath

This was fun to make and was a creative new way to show off all the unique Christmas cards we received, but after about 20 cards, it was a wee-bit full! I might have to come up with another way next Christmas... darn....

I got the idea from Gwenny Penny, who has some other great Christmas craft ideas too! 


Ornament Thank You Card

I made this just the other day to give as a thank you note to our families who lavished us with goodies this year! I thought it would be a sweet hand-made way to say "thanks" and they were fun and easy to make too! 

Tina over at Traveling House inspired me with her Christmas Card Countdown. She's super creative and it's fun to keep up with her family and all that she's doing as they live and love Copenhagen.


Heart Africa Ornament

I love these - not as much as I love Africa though - but I do love these! I made several of these and can't wait to pull them out year after year, as well as give to a few friends who love Africa too!! I also made a couple from other countries and places where I've lived along the way. 

I saw this idea over at  Etsy and just put my own twist to it! 


Christmas Tree Shirt

I had fun making these with my two favorite gals in mind! They were super fun and easy and the girls loved them! I love hand-making gifts for them because one day, just maybe - they might look back and cherish the things that I made... maybe?!? ha

I found this over at B.Jane Brewing - she's quite a creative mom! I changed it up and just used a big red star button on top and stuck to the original Christmas colors of red and green. 


Those are just a few of the craft projects that I completed around here this Christmas! Maybe in the coming year, I will get around to actually making our stockings- like I promised last Christmas?!?