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She's SO Big!


So while we are excited about LL, we also celebrated Nola this past weekend - she's not a puppy anymore! We had a quick little birthday party before we left her and headed out of town for the Labor Day weekend. We made sure to enjoy a cupcake together, give her a few treats, and snuggle with her before we left! She's getting so big and has become quite the diva around our house. I mean, how could you not fall for these puppy dog eyes and sweet face.... She has NO idea what's comig in a few months... 

Image 1.jpg

she's intermediate...sorda!



Nola did it! She graduated from the second class that PetSmart offers, the Intermediate Level. She can now go to her bed, heel, wait, and stay - with lots of distractions like bouncing balls, squeaky toys, and weird shoppers all around her. She only does this though if she wants to or feels inclined to obey at the moment, and we have a treat to bribe her. I'm not above bribing... 

she's a graduate!



Our girl did it!

She graduated from puppy school!

She can now sit, lie down, stay, walk on a leash, and occasionally shake, but only if there isn't anything or anybody within a mile that might distract her.

By the way, the training program at Petsmart is excellent and Nola absolutely LOVES Ms. Debbie, her teacher! 


Sweet Nola




Sweet Nola is fitting in quite well with our little family!! She loves to play outside, chase her ball, and lay on the couch and snooze! She also loves to find a nice spot on the carpet to go potty  - but she's learning! She's pretty excited about meeting the rest of her family when they all come in for Christmas!