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she loved big!


i don't remember a time in my life when Sandi wasn't there… 

She would often remind me when I got a bit sassy that she changed my diapers, although I have no recollection of those events - and I'm glad about that! I remember playing at Mama Betty's house and loving when Sandi was home from NC - she would listen to me talk and talk and talk!  I remember her wedding and riding the big green HCBC bus up to NC and how beautiful she looked on that day. I remember her playing her guitar and singing and teaching me to clap ONCE if I could hear her voice- her way of hushing my loud mouth up!  I remember her loud and quite catchy laugh. I worked for her at Southside - loving on babies and sharing about missions with her children. I cried with her when her daddy, H.T. went to be with Jesus and I remember her sweet words comforting me that day - her comforting me in the midst of her own grief. He had a custom of giving $2 bills away to some of his special kids - he passed away before I received one - and she remembered that. She gave me one - it's still in my Bible today.  We did a missions weekend together at one of our favorite places, Camp la Vida - and we laughed LOTS that weekend. We met for lunch or dinner - or whenever we could squeeze the time together. She introduced me to guacamole made fresh at the table  and my life just hasn't been the same since! She chatted with me one night on the phone for over two hours and reminded me that ministry is hard, but Jesus is so worth it.  When I returned from living overseas, she listened and she cared, truly and wholeheartedly. She wanted to hear all about it so her family came for dinner and I prepared an authentic meal and we laughed and laughed over kefta and couscous and squatty potties and not using our left hands and I felt more at home those two hours than I had felt since returning back… 

She had that way about her… She taught while simply living and loving life and she loved big! 

She loved the children in her various children's ministries, she loved her friends, she loved her family, she loved her Tolli...

But more than anything, She loved her Jesus!! 

She was my mentor, my neighbor, and my friend… and while my heart hurts today and it will hurt for quite some time - I know she is rejoicing and worshipping Jesus today! 

Oh, how I want to love big like Sandi! 

"Love ya, Bye" friend