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Creative Dating Ideas for LDR

Idea #9: Thankful Tuesdays


Every day we emailed back and forth. Normally I would email Dan first thing in the morning and he would email me at some point during his day and before he went to bed. At times, we had TONS to chat about. I could tell him all about what was going on in N. Africa and he could share about his job at QS1 and other things in our lives. But at times - well, honestly, we just didn't have a whole lot to chat about. Each week (most weeks) on Tuesday, we would send a Top 10 Thankful list to each other. Those were sweet lists and helped us to keep the focus and remember why we were on this crazy, wild, weird adventure together! It also gave us something to share together that we normally wouldn't email about. I was thankful for things like Dr. Pepper, taco seasoning, nacho nights with the girls, fun dates with Dan, sweet coffee with friends. He was thankful for yummy dinners with family, days off, cameras and flickr, coffee from starbucks, and other random things too!