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Creative Dating Ideas for LDR

Idea #3: Pizza Date


Having a time difference of four to five hours is almost perfect (almost...) because we are able to have lunch/dinner together. One date that we had was a Pizza Date. I surprised Dan with a Papa John's pizza at his door. I told him to be home for lunch that day and then I went to work planning my surprise! I went online and ordered a pizza and had it delivered to him, paid for, and everything! I also made a trip to our local Pizza Hut and ordered my favorite pizza. Living in N. Africa, where time doesn't matter, It was fun timing the two pizzas to be delivered at around the same time! He was so surprised. He was expecting my mom or someone to bring him lunch, but nope... He had a pizza with all his favorite toppings, including jalapenos, which he can enjoy for now, while I'm away! Sooo... get creative, find out what restaurants near you allow online orders and deliveries and surprise your significant other when he or she is least expecting it!