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Creative Dating Ideas for LDR

Idea #2: Surprise Monthly Dates


I knew that going into our time apart, I was going to have to help plan some dates as well. It's hard and gets old after a while when just one person is doing all the planning. I decided before I left to put together 21 envelopes filled with a date for each month that I would be gone. Each month, Dan pulled a date from the big envelope and we would plan a time for that month to make sure that date happened. Each envelope was different. One envelope was dinner and a movie, one was playing scrabble, one was reading a book together, one was a $5 for a coffee date... We both looked forward to each month's date and what it would be. It also helped Dan see that I was working hard and being creative as well! It was fun to watch him get excited as he opened the envelope each month, and it was also fun to watch the envelopes dwindle over time...