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Creative Dating Ideas for LDR

Idea #7: Party in a Box


We've had some pretty important days pass while we've been apart. None are harder than birthdays!! For Dan's birthday this past year, I enlisted the help of one of his sisters and had a special delivery just for his special day. I put together a party in a box, including a Strawberry Cake Mix, one of his favorites, icing, candles, a birthday hat and balloons!! He really loved it and I loved having his sister help too! They have been super supportive of our relationship and whenever I need them to play "elves" for a special day, they always jump right in there!!! For my birthday, Dan sent my package early with things wrapped up and specific to when I could open them. I was in Greece (I know, tough life.. hehe) so I was able to take the packages with me and celebrate with Dan on my special day!