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Creative Dating Ideas for LDR

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Idea #14: Mailing Notebooks


Dan started a diary using a moleskin pocket notebook and wrote entries like a diary to me and mailed it to North Africa for me to read and write in. I kept it for a while, writing about my days and thoughts and mailed it back to him. We did this through several notebooks - back and forth. It's such a sweet reminder of what our days were like, what we were doing, sweet notes to one another, funny pics and drawings that we drew in them - just daily life- together, but apart. 

Idea #13: Calendars


Each year as one of my Christmas gifts for Dan, I created a personal calendar with our own personal pictures. I used the Apple store to do this but there are many other stores like Blurb and Shutterfly that let you design and print your own. I uploaded special pics and wrote special notes on important dates that served as reminders and countdowns for when our time apart would come to an end. My favorite calendar was the second year when I used pics from our first year apart for special times - such as Valentines' Day and St. Patricks' Day and it also had four extra months when we were finally together!